Welcome to my blog!

I am so excited to start blogging. The past couple months have been a crazy ride for me. I love the idea of having an online diary where I can share my travels and experiences with you! Expect lots of photos!

Imagexox Francesca

5 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog!

  1. My senior year of high school I created an art piece for my art class. It was the “Last Super” with a twist. There was A LOT of conversation over the piece. Many people thought I was innovative while others were extremely angry. While the controversy was happening, no one who was angry over my work ever asked me why I created what I created. If they had they would have learned that I loved the “Last Supper” and really wanted to draw it. However, if I wanted to pass the class, I had to make the piece my own. I replaced all of the apostles’ faces with the faces of male family members and male friends who all had a good heart, good morals and were (are) a positive contribution to the community, to the world. So, this piece was an entire piece of love and friendship. Disrespect was never intended.

    I tell you this because your latest piece of art has brought death threats to you. I saw the piece. It was innovative, artistic and an illustration of action. Your audience was moved to act in appreciation or anger. Thus, your art is not boring.

    May your creativity continue to flow and may your audience grow in numbers and appreciation.

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