Once upon a tim…

Once upon a time there was a beautiful red birkin that came into Tyler Shields and my life. Then we killed it. The end. May I say that it is one of the best made bags in the world. It took a lot of effort and didn’t go down without a fight. Rest in peace. Watch how it happened on Mrs Eastwood and Company on E! Monday night.


2 thoughts on “Once upon a tim…

  1. the pic of the model blowing is amazing!! I know everybody is talking about that but at the end is your money and you decide what to with it. people are gonna gossip regardless if you do and if you dont, so you might as well just look the other way!
    best of luck with the show!
    tuned in! 🙂

  2. It’s art, art comes at a price. I heard the celebrity gossip about you and this bag, but when you really think about it the statement that Tyler was trying to create with the bag is exactly what people are saying, wealth and decadence beyond the norm can be disgusting. By destroying the bag it makes a statement, that it is just a material possession. That the things you own can end up owning you, and that society is disgusted with overt wealth and they want to see it burn. It’s a beautiful bag, that’s not to be argued; however, the price of the bag is revolting. So good job Tyler for creating your art and expressing yourself, regardless of how others foolishly take it at face value.

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