Baby Pictures

Here are some of my favorite photos of me when I was younger. I love my dad playing the piano and me trying to teach my sister Morgan how to walk! Precious


19 thoughts on “Baby Pictures

  1. Are you kidding me what a blatent flaunt of your wealth, there are so many people in this country right now that are losing their homes or just barley staying afloat financially and you do something like this just to make the news. I cannot beleive it, I feel certain your father raised you better than that! Shame on you!

    • Great photos Francesca. Didn’t know your Dad played piano. How cool!! I heard this in my head when I read the Birkin story: “Is my lighter out of fluid, or not? Well? Do you feel lucky Birkin?? Well, do ya, PURSE?!?!” It sucks that so many in this country have no sense of humor; sorry you caught so much shit for that.

    • @ s layman, how is the world is this flaunting their wealth? Your statement floored me, obviously you have not seen “Mrs Eastwood & Company”. Both Francesca & Morgan are grounded, responsible young women. You haven’t seen either one of them having an internationally televised wedding costing $10 million dollars or seen Dina out shamelessly exploiting her daughters. Shame on you for making such a cruel statement. I have watched the show, I have gotten to admire the Eastwood family very much and I take offense at your statement. This fine family does not deserve such criticism. Francesca, I love your pics, they are adorable!!! You have a lovely family!!

  2. I think these are adorable, you do look like Stewie from family guy, lol. Yes, these pictures do reflect an heir of wealth. Get over it, some people are wealthy. There is nothing malicious in these pictures, rubbing it in peoples faces that you have money (because your father works hard and earns it). I think they are sweet pictures of a pretty little girl and her family.

  3. Are you guys crazy?? You’re saying that she’s flaunting her wealth? Do you know how many millions of dollars go into producing the stupid Hollywood movies that you watch every day? You’re saying that’s not wasteful. But when this actress participates in a photoshoot that is meant as a commentary on wealth (burning a Birkin), you get upset? Huge amounts of money are spent to produce the artwork that we love ALL the time.

  4. I’m truly saddened about the while burning of the $100,000 purse. You’re such a beautiful, wonderful model and have grown up in such privilege….. Knowing that I have been working so hard along with my husband, to pay our bills as I take care if my 1 year old twins…. While there are people in your privileged position practically burning money that would pay my mortgage and give my family a chance to actually have a little extra money for food, diapers and formula… is truly heartbreaking. If you ever feel the need to burn money/expensive items like that again,( for Art or just pleasure) please, please kindly send some to people in my position of struggle first. You would be changing lives! Truly! It would change my whole family’s life. Thank you.

  5. Not sure what I think of your show, Francesca. I guess I need to see more episodes. Sort of comforting to see that people still have problems; whether they own a Birken or Bentley.

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