How I Get Flawless skin when its far from Flawless

I get so many compliments on my skin and I want to say if you only knew! If I dont wash my face twice a day I breakout. Or if I sleep in my makeup I am prepared to have to deal with it in the morning. When my skin isnt perfect I use…


Chanel perfection lumiere. All over. Its smells amazing too.


I use this Real Techniques stippling brush to apply foundation and sometimes blend my concealer.


It makes sense that this Bobbi Brown face touch up stick is award winning. I use it all under my eyes in a shade lighter than my foundation for a brighting effect.


Smooth focus pressed setting power- shine control by Laura Mercier. It goes over any color base and does not effect the color. I carry this in my purse even if I am not using any other makeup that day.

4 thoughts on “How I Get Flawless skin when its far from Flawless

  1. You are so fabulous. Thank you for sharing these things and having such poise! You honestly are my new favorite reality star! Move over kardashains..!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! Please keep posting more beauty and hair tips and product! I love reading them and think you are so gorgeous!

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