Talking Your Tech: Francesca Eastwood


15 thoughts on “Talking Your Tech: Francesca Eastwood

  1. That was a nice surprise. Before your video, I don’t recall hearing about you and your siblings, but I’m not much of a celebrity magazine subscriber. That said, I’ve been enjoying your father’s movies since I was a youngster in the 60’s, and at that time, the critics weren’t kind. They’ve come around nicely regarding his career, and perhaps in time, you will find one of his movies sneaks up and grabs you.

    Either way, congrats on being freshly pressed, and best of luck.

  2. ….I don’t think you look like Stewie, but you do appear to be planning world domination in those killer heels! – I hope you can keep it real when you’re away from the ‘t.v real’ lovely girl – you seem pretty smart yet, don’t take yourself too seriously, and appear to be balancing honest values alongside all the glam – any parent would be proud of you.

  3. Hi Francesca, I got here because this post was featured on freshly pressed. I didn’t know you blog. You look so pretty and sweet on the video. Take care of yourself and always keep your feet on the ground. Bless you, dear. 🙂

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