2 thoughts on “Sweet 19

  1. Hey Francesca!

    I’m Kerri, I’m 20 and just moved here from Philadelphia, PA. I watched the whole season of Mrs.E&co and absolutely fell in love with your personality. You are such an individual and you’re not afraid to show it. I know it sounds crazy but seriously if you ever want to hang out just let me know! I’m a very down to earth person, and don’t know anyone here so hanging out with someone new and my age would be awesome. Hahaha I feel like I’m writing a cover letter to be your friend, but hey if it makes me stand out it makes me stand out. It’s on my bucket list to meet you one day, maybe that day is soon. I live by the words of Nelson Mandela “It always seems impossible until it’s done”. I’m not trying to be an annoying wanna be francesca girl, but a person trying to grab a drink at starbucks and talk about anything and everything with another person!

    Let me know!!

    Kerri O’Donnell

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