About Me

My name is Francesca Eastwood. Watch me on Mrs Eastwood and Company sunday nights at 10 on E! This blog is basically a diary of my travels and what I love. Enjoy…

One thought on “About Me

  1. Life long Fan of Everything “Eastwood”.. I’ve seen every Clint Eastwood movie over a dozen times since 1968 ( eight yrs old)- WAAAY before you were born.
    I love to watch your show, not only because you are a beautiful young woman- and you look like the young woman who used to live next door, who i had a crush on;

    but mostly because i thought there would be more CLINT EASTWOOD on the show.
    the Kardashians are so vapid, and bruce jenner- well- he’s no CLINT EASTWOOD..

    You and tyler should make short movies of every key CLINT EASTWOOD MOVIE EVER MADE.. But with YOU playing the roles of your father. As a Tribute, and Feminist statement. Female gun slinger taming towns, Female version of “Dirty Harry, etc. you get the idea. dust off that old mexican Serape, learn how to sling it over your shoulder, and blast away at bad guys..
    That would be badd a–ss awesome..

    I cant think of anything more cool/ intimidating- than being CLINT EASYWOODS daughets boyfriend/ OR CLINT EASTWOOD AS A FATHER IN LAW…

    unless you were Megan MCCAIN- now THAT would be truly scary.. GIGGLE!!!

    You should arrange an interview with CHELSEA CLINTON – what its like growing up with movie star/famous parents.. and of course- youre both gorgeous..( sorry mr eastwood.. but its true..)

    So I’ll keep watching your show- WE WANT MORE CLINT EASTWOOD!! the rest of the family- well- interesting- anf cool to see how the “old man”- the family patrirch is living, and his present life, as the godfather of hollywood/ western/cop movies( and others..)

    so just wanted to toss in my 2 cents, and say your beautiful, and i love the TV show, and everyone is so much fun, and how fun it would be to be a part of it;
    so i watch on E!

    best wishes, young lady..
    and Mr Eastwood-
    thank you for all the many years and hours of movie entertainment. You are a great movie icon.

    Kellys Heroes i think is my favorite… and TUCO.. You have mad my day in so many ways..
    What an interesting life…

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